Friday, 3 February 2012

Rumah Terbalik Borneo Kg.Telibong Tamparuli

Holla, Rumah Terbalik(The upside Down House in Borneo -sound interesting...first saw it at fb i tot not real, skali tgk fb page dia real pla..Click here for the link - Rumah Terbalik - then me n my cuzz plan go therla..din take much photo czz really hot gila cz p tym afternoon, better go tym ptg2 la spya tdk pnas and can take a lot of photo outside because no photo takin allowed inside the house, sad kn but dat is the rule. So 2nd attempt me n my boyfie go time ptg..heee....and sy pun msk dat house jua la,jd ok la jua. inside the house all mmg terblk la, cuma got 1 thing saja tdk terblk ther, nnt u guys go then u kno la tu..heee ;D ok now let`s enjoy the pictures.

ni tym 1st time go wit cuzz, tym msi pnas susa mo take pic..huhu

dis one is the back view..

sipi2 view ehhe

mo mlm2 uda so they on the lights, looks more cntk.

keta terbalik, nasib kancil ringan sikit.

shirt my B bought for me, size S ni tp pnya bsar jua kn..hee

ngam2 my B pnya size, but tdk mo bg dia jua..haha

Dat`s all..mmg unique so guys go and check it out ya..cheersss!!!


Dora said... [Reply to comment]

I want to go too! :D
Have a great long weekend

CinDy said... [Reply to comment]

Dora: tu...thanks..u too ya ^^

Rose Flower said... [Reply to comment]

Ada entrance fee kah? Adults & Children berapa bayaran???

CinDy said... [Reply to comment]

Hye Rose: ada skrg fee rm10 adult, klu children rm5 ni..^^

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