Monday, 16 May 2011

TuaRan CrocodiLe Farm

WeLcome to the crocodile Farm This Place is located in Tuaran, and the distance form Kota Kinabalu is 32KM. We came here by own transport. The crocodile farm is situated at Kg. Lok Batik, Jalan Sulaman Highway Tuaran and is open daily from 8.30a.m to 5.30p.m.

Entrance fee RM10 adult and for children under 12 years old is RM5.Prices for foreigners is RM15 adult, children RM1. This farm also have student prices which are RM4 for individual and RM3 for a group of 4 or more.

This are some information dat might be useful for you guys :

Operating Hours : Daily 8:30am - 5:30pm
Crocodile Show Time : Monday to Saturday 11:00am/ 3:00 pm
: Sunday & Public Holidays 11:00 am/ 1:00pm/ 3:00pm
Crocodile Feeding Time : Daily 9:00am/ 10:30am/ 12:00pm/ 12:45pm/
1:30pm/ 2:15pm/ 4:15pm/ 4:45pm
Cultural Dance : Monday to Saturday 11:30am/ 3:30pm
: Sunday & Public Holidays 11:30am/ 1:30pm/ 3:30pm

As we walk in the farm, we will see a set of dead crocodile being displaying along the hall. We can see from the pictures how big is the crocodile.

Boxing Crocodile

Several of the sculpture..hee

It`s quite creative is it...Thumbs up for the management.

Dis one is huge, i wonder how many people ody the crocodile ate.Scaaaaryy...

Apart form the crocodile, there are also some cute animal that caught my eyes. It is the Pinkish Hedgehog. I wonder if they spray the little one or it is just their original color. But it`s really really cuteeeeee......

See the little hedgehog cute^^
There is also a show performance that we manage to see, which is the crocodile man show..hehe....We can watch the staff get closer i mean real close to the crocodile. We oso watch their experienced performers’ mastery in controlling and commanding, while having fun and interacting with the crocodiles, performing moves such as calmly lying on the crocodile’s back, courageously sticking their head into the crocodile’s gaping mouth, etc. You have to see to believe!The shows usually last 15 mins.

Here are only some of the picture I managed to capture because i was focusing on the show so i forgot to snap a pic...Wat a waste rite.

While watching all dis, my head does not stop thinkin if the crocodile ever going under control 
and suddenly ate the performers. I mean like suddenly, maybe sumtin distract them. But hopefully
not la...hee maybe the performers get gud income for doing this insane job...hahaha,,,Joke~

There is also a cultural dance performance but we din`t see it bcuz i ody see it like 
a thousand time ( normal for sabahan) we just going around the cultural house 
and see all the things ther, here are some pictures of it.

I can see dat all this animals are real animals  bcuz i can feel from its fur...hurmmm......l
ucky i din sit on it like my boyfriend did...hahah..There are also some fish ponds and 
turtle ponds is not only about the crocodile..heee...there are also several animals 
here but din have the pictures.. 

That`s all guys, lastly wanna say that dis place is fun but a bit hot yet, maybe it is the 
right temperature for the crocodile habitat....K la hope you all njoy reading and thanks
for your time..^^Cheeeerrrssss