Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Party Play Lifestyle Cafe Lintas

Last nite goin out to celebrate my lil sis bday at Party Play, Lintas.Enjoy the pic ya ^^

Me wearin smurf 

The Menu Book

Macam magazine kn 
My drinks is play temple cz ada recommendation ther.hihi

Titie order the sunset cooler

pizza dat we choose is All Meats-carnivors 
Best Pick of the nite - cheers to titut..^^
Lamb Shoulder RM18

Spaghetti Mushroom RM16 ( menu my sis)

mango Milk Shake RM8

BBQ Chicken Cho RM15 (Dden)

All Meat Pizza RM26

Half Farmed Chicken RM18 (leong)

Mine Fish & chips RM16

Play Temple

sunset cooler

yg hujung tu Oreo & vanila Milkshake RM8

Green Tea RM6


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

In dis post i will tell the story bout the place dat is so familiar to us and maybe some of u hv been here like so many times ody.Sunway Lagoon hv the best theme park dat makes u wanna go here everytime u went to Kl. Okay lets start with the entrance fee first, to enable u to play all the park inside u hv to pay RM75 for Malaysian and for foreigner RM90 if i not mistaken but wat i kno the foreigner is more expensive. For us because the time is so limited cz we had to catch a flight at nite so we just pay for 3 parks package.The fee for dia package is Rm60 + deposit for the wrist watch Rm10 ( u`ll get it back when u return it before 7pm). The 3 parks package include the Amusement Park, Water Park and the Wildlife Interactive Zoo.

Here are some pictures from the Wildlife Interactive Zoo :

Dis is the map for Wildlife Interactive Zoo, so many places to visit, mmg puas ati owh here, kaki pun penat berjalan.
Sugar Glider- pnya cute drg tdo dlm tu tempurung kelapa...mcm mo beli owh ksi jd pets...


star cute, tp mahal ni..huhu.

so cute and clean owh the pets


dead snake

albino snake

the view from here, like the hut so creative ni

all the feathery animals kena lepas2 ni tp ada guard jua la tgk2la
cute cara tu pagera tido..hihi

the white gibbon tryin to make peace..heee

nampak ka tu na tupai cumil

tupai2 cage

black & white tupai

prairie dog so gumuk n cute gila. 

the prairie dog try to get inside the sand,sy mcm mo fainted tgk them so cute2 n cubit2 ekor  drg..i want dis!!!

I want dis so badly!!!!

birds paradise

unique - hairless mice

ksian kn the mouse kesejukan ni
best tmpt tortoise dia..luas ni...

all the reban2 ayam makes me feel mcm d!

so cute owh..i want to mix mine too..heee

so a kura2 lover

Okay, enough wit all the animal parts, gila pnya byk tmpt mo lawat, just looks at the map pun penat uda owh, so put a bit pic ony, nnt u guys must lawat dis place ah.Memang best!! So now continue with the next parks  -Water Park- hehe...for dis park wat u can do is mandi la puas2, go to all the place yg ada water and mandi, best la dis place cz byk tmpt tuk mandi, luas2 smua. Oya klu mo pkai pelambung ka boat ka smua pun sewa sikit ja cz my cam tdk waterproof..^^

hee..byk ni tmpt tukar baju dia, and if byk brg kmu bawa ble jua letak d locker tp sewa jua la rm5 per locker.

best kn water park dia..

dis part yg ada sand, feel like d!

just nice the water tlmpau sejuk ni.
Continue with the last park - The Amusement Park- not much pictures here cz by the time it`s heavy rain and we just play a few games only.. robot from the scream park, kna display outside.

my boyfie sempat lagi bg peace..

blur cz lari tiba2 hujan jd rush kn click pun tergegar..sad~

nasibla nda tersempat men tu wagon wheel cz mcm kin takut ja ni..

That`s all for my post entry..actualy ther a lot of things to see n do here but due to limitation of time i din hv the chance to venture all the parks but next time i wil go to all the parks..haha...okie thanks for readin my blogpost...Cheerrsss ^^