Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kipandi Butterfly Park

The Kipandi Butterfly Park is located at the Kg. Kipandi, Moyog about 36km from Kota Kinabalu city via Penampang-Tambunan road and can be easily reach from Kota Kinabalu.  It’s great place to relax,  in the mountain air of the Crocker Range. The entrance fee is RM10 per person. 

You will see dis huge board by the side of the road, means dat u hv reach dis place..

After paying for the ticket, u will walk dis stair, u will be ask if u need a guide or you can explore by urself, we din ask for the guide cz the place not really big jua..^^

walking distance

many stairs to walk...

This is the Butterfly Garden, here if u lucky u will saw many butterflies flyin, it`s actually depends on the weather, if its rain then no butterfly will come out..we only manage to see few of them..huhu u kno wher to start first..
dis is wat we can see after entering the butterfly garden, the place is covered wit the white netting maybe to ensure the butterflies will not escape..

the landscape is so nice rite.. interframe jap ^^

Flowers dat plant inside the garden.

Yeah, saw u..hee..manage to snap the butterfly..

Mating seasons..

Mengacau ja..haha

seem like they are attracted to their partner wit same color, my theory ja ^^

another beautiful flower ..

Mostly green kn the plant here..

some others plants..

dis is how they breed the butterfly..the cacoon is empty ody..
Here is the butterfly nursery..gna tu kepit kain ja...hee

Friendly fren...wee

Pretty butterfly..

After finish jalan2 at the Butterfly Garden, we trus heading for the Insects Museum ( Haha, sy lupa nama ni tmpt jd call ja la gtu, lgpun not oni butterfly ja here but also insects yg len) We already msk here bfore the Butterfly garden but tgk2 ja blum lg round betul2..oya my video M.I.A ni jd tdk pat la bg msk video time dlm museum ni..huh~

I have to collage all the picture because ther is more than thousand insects kna jd mummies here...

Byk kn..mcm2 ada~

Dis one capture my eyes, unique kn..

Me wit butterfly..

I din see anytin dlm aquarium ni..maybe decorations ja..hee

For the butterfly lover, now u can see all sort types of butterflies collection.

others insects...

up close a bit..

us takin pic wit the butterflies..

dis one cntk my boyfie says.
Actualy the museum tdk jua bsar, it`s like a room wit plenty of insects body..hoho...but interesting la because we can see the insects from closer looks cz sumtimes we scared tdk perlu takut can see secara details lg..Okey pas dr sna, we headin pla p Orchid Garden, landskap dlm garden ni mmg cantik and sgt creative ni..can generate ideas for ur own garden..heee ^^

Nice View kn..we havin a gud time takin pic here...

sy lg...haha...

Every orchid got it`s own tag name.

inside landskap.. to them...

Me again..hee
At the end of the garden, ther is a huge wat to say ah?how to describe? u guys can see like a white screen  wit lamp kn, so my guess is the things is used to catch insects..i am i rite?

Tada2 ni, my boyfie sot uda..kmi tda trun p bwh cz im scared..haha
Dis is the painting d cafe park nie, tda mkn2 la, mcm minuman ja ada..

surrounded by paintings..


Full view..

If mo buy gift pun can..

Purple flower, me luf ^^

Map inside park...

Okie...before ending my journey tonite, i want to dedicate dis beautiful poem or quotes to all of the readers out ther..cheerrrsss ^^


Monday, 8 August 2011

Mahua Waterfall, Tambunan

I have been thinking to come to dis place since i was i the age of 20..but i din hv the opportunity because of the hectic schedule and transportation problem.. But recently i managed to come here and i was amazed with the beauty scenic of the nature dat i rarely can see, actually i never see a real waterfall before like dis one..The waterfall here is really high and the view are really eye catching..and also the water is so cold ( really100xx cold) and breezy..okay enjoy the pictures and videos...

Welcoming board...Entrance fee RM3 for local residents.

We have to walk to get ther ^^

He`s in the rush, haha i can`t catch him...

Along the road to the waterfall we can see the water flowing so fast.

Just and still doing the renovation.

Aiya, still long way to go...

walk, walk and jungle tracking pla..hee

Tired ody..huh...jauhnya....

Happy to see dis board, meaning mo dekat uda..

Picture2 time..the environment so beautiful.

Ugly face ody cz tlapau jauh berjln..

We saw sumtin..yeah, it`s the waterfall..can hear the sound of water fallin..^^

Reach ody :p

There are signboard sayin dat the rock keep on fallin until it`s shaped like dis..nature wonder ^^

Skool Boy ^^

Picture2 again ^^

I can`t wait to get into the water.

Okay, it`s damn cold gila..can`t mandi owh so cold the water, mcam can freeze owh me..aiya just stand ther la rendam2 kaki..

still dun`t hv the guts to dive lg..still rendam2 kaki..haha

si gila go climb up the rocks, see la him kesejukan..haha...padan muka..

After mandi...haha funny eh the face..still kesejukan..

mo blk mo walk lg..but nvmind la cz ble ksi warm2 body..

Here is 1 videos to show you all how the waterfall really looks in motion picture..hee ^^ Enjoy and cheerrsss...