Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Street Of Manila

Some short video dat my boyfie managed to captured during the time we in the bus going to airport...Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cultural Village Kuching

Cultural Village or best known as CV is located at Pantai Damai Santubong. Approximately 40 mins drive to the place.You can either go by urself if you got friends who are familiar with the place or you can take the tour package but it`s quite expensive. Lets us explore the place briefly from each of the pic that i manage to snap during the tourin...

The entrance fee is really expensive, so students are advise to bring ur student card..u will get good price..^^

Peoples dun`t randomly cut line ya..

Yeah,my pass card !!!
Not forgetin the sticker pass dat we need to stick it on our clothes..hee it`s pink btw~
Where to go first????
Ok make our choice..1st step is to the Rumah Bidayuh..Let`s explore..

Entrance to Rumah Bidayuh

dun`t exactly kno wat is dis maybe is the water to wash feet before entering the house.

Ancient `tajau`

Another `tajau`

The coconut crafter man

This is the fire pit where they keep the fire burning from until become heat ashes.

Ancients thingy

Another more, there are notice dat asking the visitor to not randomly touch the things

Porcupine (Landak) thorn- belief is use to sumpit(blowpipe) animals

Crocodile teeth

the teeth is used as accesories

This snail make good music. Just put the stick in between the snails then pull it out. (im not dat good in describing it ;p)

Not in proper order, exactly dis is the skulls dat ther hang up above the fire pit. The peoples said dat dis is to ensure dat the hot ashes can heat the skulls so dat they will not disturb others, kinda like dat la the story if i not mistaken.(sorry pic a bit blur bcuz i was scared during takin dis pic..haha)

The fire pit, can see the ashes still got fire.

turtle skins? (maybe labi2)

Another creative craft from the coconut crafter man

Its so nice and creative but they sold it very expensive, maybe it`s difficult to do.

Others display item
Next stop is the Rumah Iban...Here are several of the decorations in the house.

Here is the living room..


Antique plates and glasses.

There is also some Kuih Jala sell here, my cuzz buy it.RM3 per packet.
This is the Kueh Jala

Places wher their cook the kuih jala.
Now it`s tym to explore the Melanau House..

From the outside view. This house is tall and we need to climb a stair to reach the top. It is a very steep stair.

inside view

This is the bedroom from the second floor.
Next is the Malay house but we din manage to go inside because actualy it`s quite tiring to venture to each of the house so we just pick which house we want to go randomly.

Last house dat we went through is the Chinese Farm House.
The entrance door, so like cny..

Vintage player...wish i had one..

Sempoa...important for business people.hahaha

Must have lazy chair..

Baby cradle in a rattan basket..so unique

The bed..the way their stichin the pillow case reminding me of mine dat my grandma sew for me..haha..

Pepper thresher...

basket to carry their farming stuff.Maybe.

Black and white pepper.

The old antique clock.

Kitchen stove

Almari...like my akung one.
Here are some pictures dat i have manage to snap during the tourin around CV..Enjoy!!!