Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Agricultural Park, Tenom

I came to dis place twice already, and there is not that much change in dis place, it is stil the same. The distance from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom is approximately 3 hours depends on the route taken because ther is 2 route dat we can follow, 1 is from Tambunan and 1 is from Papar. The route dat i suggested is from Papar bcuz the time to reach Tenom can be shorter (2 hours but depends oso), but  a profesional driver is recommended bcuz of the condition of the road.The park is famous for its orchid actually, so for the orchird lover, dis is the rite place for u..The entrance fee for dis park is RM10 and for student is RM7.

Dis is the ticket for entrance
Below is the park map dat i got from
1.   Ornamental Gardens
2.   Camping Island
3.   Adventure Island
4.   Lake Melalap
5.   Bird Island
6.   Padas Island
7.   Lake Sapong
8.   Animal Park
9.   Tropical Flowering Garden
10. Lake Rundum
11. Mangosteen Orchard
12. Stream Garden
13. Living Museum of Crop Plants
14. Tropical Rainforest Plot
15. Pegalan Island
16. Fruit Orchard
17. Rambutan Orchard
18. Evolution and Plant Adaptation Garden
19. Model Gardens
20. Hybrid Orchid Garden
21. Native Orchid Centre
22. Bee Centre, Agriculture & Agro       forestry Project

Trail 1 Trail 2 Trail 3 Trail 4 Trail 5

Arrival Hall (Entrance, Ticketing office and Souvenir shop)
Admin Office Exhibition Hall Surau
Information Centre Native Orchids Information Centre Hostels
Info Kiosk Boating Jetty Toilets
Car Park Restaurant

As we can from  the map dat the park is really2xxx big wit a lot of attractions to visit, and for me a day in the park will not be enough as we need to be ther for at least 2 days . For me i just have half a day to tour the park as i arrive ther late. But not to worry guys, u don`t have to walk to each park because ther are 2 ways to tour each of the park, first is by 'Train'..haha not the exact train with the rainway, it`s only the small bus tour similar to the train shape.

The train is a free transportation..weee
The train looks fun, but i prefer to ride the bike even it is chargeable ( RM3 for 1st hour then RM1 for each hour) becuz the train hv schedule, each passenger hv to limit their timing to visit the park, and for me im the kinda of person who takes time to snap a great photo so i rather ride my own bike as i dun`t like rushin. Furthermore it is more fun but for weehuuu...
It`s fun even i felt down once bcz of the bike suddenly bcum unbalanced..(act it`s my B fault..humpp!)

The first park dat i want to visit is the animal park, but unfortunately the park is closed for some renovation so feelin upset we thru the nxt park which are the native orchid centre, ther r alot type of orchid here wit various color. ( it is advice to come during the month of orchid bcuz all the orhid will be blooming and the view is much more beautiful)

we come at the wrong season so many of the orchid stil in dis condition..huhu
ridin thru the next park is the The Agro-forestry ther are basically eight projects where visitors can get to see and learn about Agro-forestry. They are the Bamboo Garden, Palm Garden, Ginger collection, Rattan Plot, Medicinal Trees Plot, Native Fruit Plot, Man Made Forest and the Recreational Forest. 

some of the furniture dat they made from bamboo

huge tree, see how small is my b..hahha

all the facilities here is made from the nature, creative rite
for us, we din venture into the Bee Centre because the timing is here is some info i taken from the net for all of u to view:

The Bee Centre is located at about 2.5 km from the Park HQ area, set in a 4 ha. (10 acres) site, arranged with Beehives around an English style Herbaceous Border Garden utilizing Tropical plants
The Centre is recognized as being one of the best Bee Research Centre internationally and has attracted researches from Europe. It has four species out of the nine bee species recorded in the world. Sabah alone has five species. You may have the chance to
get close as a foot to a live hive of honey bees without fear of being stung. You may even get a chance to see how honey is being extracted from the honeycomb. You also get to see what a modern beehive looks like compared to a native beehive called a ‘gelodog’. You need to make an arrangement with the Park’s Management prior to your visit.

Next step is the Evolution garden wher we can all types of plant evolvement whic occured 4.5 millions ago.
There is also a model of Dinosaur, ‘feeding’ on plants that had evolved some 60-120 million years ago.

Next we move to the The ornamental Garden wher the Park version of a nature’s paradise. It consists of 21 gardens, which are harmoniously blended and beautifully landscaped in various garden settings.Dis place is really beautiful and it is the perfect place to capture great shots.

beautiful place

the pond is covered wit alga i guess

maybe of the weather to hot dat cause the plant to looks like dis.
The place whic is the must visit is The Lake Sapong wher the garden is planted with aquatic plants, which adorn the banks and the surrounding water surfaces.

The Lake Sapong

The Giant Water lily (Victoria amazonica) with it’s broad leaf, which can carry an object up to 30 kg of weight..woohoo..unlucky for me bcuz i weight more than dat..haha..
 Ther is oso 1 more lake whic is the Lake Rundum, here some info bout it... This lake is a showcase of nature-based activities such as fishing and picnicking. The lake is filled with fish of endemic to this region like Tilapia, Grass and Common Carp, Patin, Toman, Kalui, Lampam Jawa to name a few. For reasonable fee one can try their fishing skill and your name could be on the park’s record for the biggest ever caught. But we din go fishing becuz the hot weather, the charges for boat is RM5, fishing permit is RM2 and for each fish dat caught and taken is RM8 per kilos..

If you din hv enough time to venture the park you all can camp here for only RM10 per person and its include the camping gear. The park here is so hot and i recommend you guys to puts some high SPF if you din want to get sun burn.hehe...Anyways, happy tourin the park guys..


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It`s aLL BouT me,Myself and How i Live My Life toO the FuLLesT ^^

Wher To staRt???? BeTTeR frM the Day I was Born...haha...Kidin...but i would like to post my baby pic here...( need to go to work la..huhu..nvrmind i will continue tonite..)

So much for my tonite, it takes me like 2 months to update dis post..Haha..first i wanna laugh a last i found my baby pic, at first i was confuse wit my baby pic bcuz me n mytbig sis had dis similar faces when we r baby, we almost had dis identical looks, dats wat confusing me, even my mum can`t identify us, it tooks a long wait for the we r not twin but we just looks the same..u all kno la dis baby lil sis looks so different  we can easily tell, y?bcuz she had dis streotype chinese looks..ow ya, im sino ( half chine & half kadazandusun) chinese on my dad side,sir name = Chew..hee ^^. Be prepared wit my baby pic..:
so like me,ritee..y im holding a car toy..i oso dun`t kno y..but for real im not a boyish type. i like barbie doll a lot.
 I was born in the month of May, 2nd be belief fall in the year of rabbit. To be as well as the second daughter in my family. All three of us is a she. Im just a normal type of girl who like clothes,boys,make up, takin pic and collecting heels..or i was describing, im a typical type of a lady.

Im Adddicted to the puRple Color so much....Im gonna tell a bit of my Purple stuff dat i have and been collected from my entire life of living as a and still a teenage girl...Here are just several pictures of it...and i will continuing to add more to my collections....weeee:
My bear bear collection

My little flower

Rebena & Donkey

My nite nite bear

Lazy pupy & dokey

Gift from my lil sis

Gift from fren, the vase i add it myself

My funky box

I like to add furry fur to any of the item in my room

My pencil case

My boyfie gave it to me as a present, handmade by suweeett~

coinbox, duit ckit cz ari2 korek tabung.ahha

Just notebook~

My not so Techno pon..mine kna got dis black samsung from my sis, i hv to add the purple beads to make myself confortable.huh~ Thanks sis.

Not all of my bag is purple but most of it la..

My curtain, hv to tailor made it by my mum. it easy when u had a mum dat can sew.

My laptop..i put the skins myself dat y not dat neat.hee~

My precious keychain from my boyfie, he owez give me purple color bcz he know wat i addicted to..luff u B~

I luff tinkie so much, even she is green but i kno deep in tinkie heart, she likes purple as much as i do..Luff u tinkie..stick dis at my closet. As u can see my wardrobe also purple in color.

new purse, wee~ buy it in Manila, my old one had been stolen, yeay i kno lots of things got stolen bcuz im so careless..huh~

my bkin lap kaki

my house slipper...cute butot..haha

My door curtain...

my door decor, i stick it myself..

My make up table..a bit a very lazy person when it comes up to clean my room...

Okay dat`s all for tonite...gonna continue again but dunoe when..haha...lots more to come~ nite nite ^^